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JULY-AUGUST-SEPTEMBER 2008 -- Angelic Whispers Holistic Center

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It was a great pleasure having The Natural Mandala at public libraries for April, May and June respectively. These venues provided key opportunities to expose the general public to the mandala form; to define it and to illustrate it while employing the grandeur of nature’s design. However, this next venue placed The Natural Mandala before a more learned audience that was familiar with the mandala form and welcomed The Natural Mandala with open arms and enthusiasm. My dear friend and agent, Jackilyn Kleine, who made the first contact with Angelic Whispers Holistic Center, created this opportunity by calling and speaking with the center’s manager. He was very interested in this prospect and the original plan to have it exhibit there for July rolled in to August, then September and part of October. It was well received at Angelic Whispers and I will always be grateful to owner, Kim Soria and manager John Michael who rearranged the store to accommodate this very large work of art.

  Owner, Kim Soria.
Owner, Kim Soria
Photograph by: David Sorcher of Cin/Weekly

If you have read any of the previous Tour Pages, you will notice that I take note of and track all the “first timers” of The Natural Mandala venues. The Angelic Whispers exhibition venue created a major first time situation that allowed me to illustrate the versatility of the display design. In the image above you will see for the first time that The Natural Mandala is exhibited without its pedestal, which would normally raise the mandala off the ground by three feet, putting the center of the mandala at about six feet. This versatility allows me to exhibit in spaces that do not have the required height to accommodate the six-foot square mandala in its frame and on its pedestal, which takes the display to a total height of ten feet. Although I prefer that The Natural Mandala be exhibited on its pedestal, this venue provided a different look and feel that is in sharp contrast to previous locations. The mandala was only off the ground by about one foot and this allowed viewers to get closer to the mandala and view it more intimately than ever before. When viewers sat before it their gaze was either right into the center void or were looking slightly upward toward it. This lowering of the mandala also placed the viewer so close to it that their field of view was filled by the entire mandala. This gave The Natural Mandala both an overwhelming feel of intimacy and monumentality at the same time and allowed the viewer to look even deeper into the details and architecture for which are already being celebrated.

 Manager John Michael and house reader Marla.  
Manager John Michael and house reader Marla.

One linear theme that connects all four venues is the synchronicity of all the people that were involved. The presence of The Natural Mandala at Angelic Whispers created many interesting pathways whose connections are with some very beautiful people that will be long and well remembered. What is most notable is the kind of people that came in to the “space” of The Natural Mandala and that still linger there. These people are very generous with their energy and have played a supportive role in moving this work forward. To all of these new friends, I am and will always be very grateful to you.

There were two occasions at Angelic Whispers in which The Natural Mandala was said to have facilitated “a positive and creative flow of energy” throughout the events. The first of these was on August 16th, the celebration of Angelic Whispers’ one year anniversary in which I was invited to be a part of the festivities there and to give a talk about mandalas; which was a computer-aided presentation called: “Anatomy of the Mandala.” The second of these was on September 19th, which was the Whole Living Journal Networking Event. The combination of these two events illustrated to me the gravity that the mandala form has on those who are truly open to the energies of symbolism and spirit.

I would like to acknowledge and thank a few of the most notable of these special people that have helped me in this work over the last few months. I met the endearing and always joyful Judy Peace at the first event and not only did she tell me about the second event but invited me to speak about The Natural Mandala on her radio program “Waves of the New Age” on WAIF radio – which aired September 2. She also invited me to another event at the Stillpoint Center for Healing Arts. This is where I met Tara Robinson, the new owner/editor of the Whole Living Journal, who is not only an interesting person but also an “interest-ed” person, one that listens carefully to what you say – which is a quality that I believe to be the hallmark of an old soul. She and I talked for a long time about The Natural Mandala and she invited me to submit an article for the Jan/Feb 2009 issue of the WLJ. Another gentle spirit I met was the reserved but incandescent Vivian Hurley, whose open and selfless energy introduced my work to Rev. Keene of Garden Park Unity Church – which turns out to be the next venue.

If you have never been to Angelic Whispers Holistic Center, I would encourage you to visit this place of healing and positive energy. The Center offers a variety of classes, workshops and many varied special interest events for those interested and in need of a more holistic approach to living. Practitioners offer everything from Yoga and Tai Chi/Chuan to Reiki training, intuition development, meditation, reflexology, massage therapy and many other courses of study. Angelic Whispers is located at 11465 Springfield Pike in Cincinnati, Ohio 45246. If you would like to call them to be put on their mailing list or to learn about their programs, please call: 513-782-0101 or visit their website:

I want to thank Kim Soria for welcoming The Natural Mandala into this lovely space that she has created and I am grateful to her for being so accommodating. I enjoyed the energy in which Angelic Whispers provided and I appreciate the work that is being done there and the services that are being provided to Cincinnati. Also, many thanks to John Michael for his enthusiasm and for his help in getting the mandala in place and for helping me to load it back on the truck when it was time to go.


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