The Natural Mandala - Oxley Fine Arts

JUNE 2008 -- Lawrenceburg Public Library

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Now in its THIRD exhibition venue along the tour, The Natural Mandala is in its third public library, which is an unexpected trend but it still continues to be a welcomed treat for library patrons. When most people go to a library they are typically focused on one of several things, to get books and other media, to return them or perhaps to access the Internet. What I have been hearing is the surprise that the library patrons are having when they walk in to their local library. They express amazement to the librarians and one another that there is “such a beautiful work of art in the library … of all places.” I am told stories of how patrons will come in and not only take notice of the mandala but will make a point to stop and to look within its depths for long periods of time. Such is the case for the Public Library of Lawrenceburg, Indiana where The Natural Mandala has been exceptionally well received. Library Director, Sally Stegner offered these comments about the stimulation that the exhibit has caused; she said, “the display has generated huge interest and admiration among library visitors” and “has been a continuing source of wonder and awe since the first day. Many, many library visitors have expressed their admiration and quite a few have returned with friends and family to view it.” In fact, my guest book, which travels with the exhibit, is replete with such complimentary and overwhelming responses. The important thing is, is that the “art” is “working” as was intended.

Actually, one case in point came via telephone as one woman who went to the library said that the last thing she expected was to see such a beautiful piece of art in the library and once she settled in to looking at it, she said, “I just could not leave it. When I finally did walk away from it, I made the mistake of turning around at the door,” she said, “and it drew me back in to it, and I just couldn't leave. Finally, I did leave but it wasn't easy to do. I just kept feeling a need to return to be with it.” There is also another story of synchronicity where my agent, Jacki Kleine and I decided to stop in to see how the exhibit was going. We weren’t there long before a fine senior citizen couple and their son came in and approached the mandala. They looked intensely for quite some time and finally Jacki went up to them to make our introductions. The woman told us that she had seen the mandala before, went home, called her son in Indianapolis to come see it as he had begun immersing himself in the ways of meditation and knew he would want this experience. So now, here he was in Lawrenceburg just to see and to be with it, as Jacki and I just happened to be.

I wish to express my gratitude to Library Director; Sally Stegner for her interest, enthusiasm and support and for providing such an elegant venue for The Natural Mandala. The Lawrenceburg Public Library is an absolutely beautiful facility!