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When The Natural Mandala was being exhibited at Angelic Whispers Holistic Center, I had the pleasure of meeting Judy Peace at their “One Year Anniversary” event on August 16th. This event was rather active with people coming in and out all during the evening. I believe that I was with someone almost the entire evening, talking about The Natural Mandala concept and answering questions about its creation. Finally, I got to meet Judy. We had a most interesting conversation, and although it was all too brief, the last thing we talked about before the event came to a close was she told me about her radio program “Waves of the New Age” on WAIF radio. She asked me then if I would be willing to be her guest on a radio program to talk about the mandala form and The Natural Mandala. How could I say “No?”

Judy’s concept for the program was to cross-promote and discuss the unique synchronicity that was to take place in September, here in Cincinnati. There was going to be two major exhibitions of mandala work being presented to the community. From September 2 through September 7, Aquarius Star would be hosting the touring Tibetan monks who would be creating a Green Tara Sand Mandala and The Natural Mandala would be continuing its exhibition throughout the month at Angelic Whispers. She invited Rob Dorsey to speak about the presentation by the monks and give details about its construction. She also invited Renea Frey to talk about classes she offers for children, teaching them about the mandala concept via hands-on projects with coloring line drawing mandalas.

The radio program aired live on Tuesday, September 2, 2008 from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. It was a very exciting time for me to get to speak about my work to so many people at one time. I really enjoyed getting to know Judy Peace more and in this very unique way, on the air, broadcasted live for all to hear. It was also a pleasure for me to meet Rob Dorsey and Renea Frey and hear their views on the mandala form and how they incorporation it into their lives.

I would like to thank Judy Peace for inviting me to be a guest on her radio program and for her continued enthusiasm about my work with The Natural Mandala. Judy is a very gregarious and take-action sort of person and I appreciate all the work that she is doing, not only on the radio with “Waves of the New Age” but also in her involvement with bringing new ideas, concepts and conscious awareness to the forefront of our community.

Judy Peace JUDY PEACE co-created and co-hosts the radio show: "Waves of the New Age" on WAIF 88.3 FM in 1988. It has since served the Cincinnati community with Soulful Sounds and Conscious Conversation every Tuesday from 3-5 PM. Judy also started Conscious Choice Cinema in February of 2006; it is cinema that touches the deep longing and wisdom in each of us. Please visit: Judy offers "Tools for Transformation and Self Understanding ~ Palmistry, Astrology & Tarot" She has shared her gifts with the community for the past 22 years. She offers these tools for personal coaching or entertainment. You can email her at:
Rob Dorsey ROB DORSEY, LMT, is a licensed massage therapist, massage instructor, performer, and scholar, he has studied, presented and taught at arts venues, dharma centers, festivals, monasteries, wellness centers, Tai Chi/Qi Gong and Yoga schools around the region. In compliment to his studies of sacred sound, meditation and chanting from the Tibetan Buddhist traditions, he has an active practice in healing massage and sound-work. He is the Department Chair of Antonelli College's massage program and the facilitator of the Open Sangha at Aquarius Star.
Renea Frey RENEA FREY is a local workshop facilitator and writer with an academic and intellectual interest in linguistics and psychology from transpersonal, neurochemical, and humanistic models. Her perspectives are influenced by her studies and practice of Nonviolent Communication, various forms of meditation, shamanic and transactional analysis work, and more than seven years of focused Buddhist Tantra. She has a B.A. in English and Psychology, teaches English at Antonelli College, and is pursuing a Master's degree in English Literature at Northern Kentucky University.
Rex Oxley REX OXLEY is an intuitive artist, creating works of fine art to aid in healing and for self-empowerment. He is known for his innovative work he calls; The Higher Self Portrait but is currently touring with his most recent work; The Natural Mandala. He conducts workshops in meditation using The Natural Mandala to teach people how to employ it as a vehicle for “open-eye” meditation, leading them toward developing a personal mode of meditation practice. He holds a degree in BFA with concentrations in drawing, painting and printmaking and a BM with concentrations in voice and piano. He teaches voice and piano in his studio, while also offering a course of instruction in many areas of the fine arts. He is also developing a series of correspondence courses for the mandala form and mandala making. He is currently accepting commissions within his series of Natural Mandalas as well as mandalas that are drawn, painted or otherwise created in various materials.
The Natural Mandala


There were several features that Judy Peace highlighted during this program. The “leaf-like” structure that she mentioned are the branching “Y” shapes that radiate from the central, circular arena out to that most bright white ring. These are naturally “Y-ing” branches of a tree that have been meticulously filled with the minute filigree of thin slices of cinnamon sticks. Another feature she mentioned was the 32 medallions that are just outside this bright white ring that are placed on each of the green leaf radiating arms. The third feature she highlighted was the dark center that, as I pointed out in the discussion, is actually a void, which creates a dark, circular oculus because there is nothing within this hollow cavity. These features can be seen in more detail by using the Natural Mandala Magnifier; found by clicking on the top left “Site Navigation” drop-down. This website feature will allow you to zoom into and pan around The Natural Mandala at varying levels of detail.



This is an example of a Green Tara Sand Mandala, however it is not an image of the specific sand mandala created at Aquarius Star. I wanted to provide this image of the Green Tara Sand Mandala to give you a visual depiction of the “radiance and energy” that Rob Dorsey speaks about. Certainly, every sand mandala that the Tibetan Monks create have this kind of radiating energy, whether it be the Green Tara, the Mandala for World Peace or even the most complex of all Tibetan mandalas; the Kalachakra Sand Mandala. Because of the juxtaposition of the rather limited color palette, and the fact that they are so well placed in contrast to one another, they create this unique odyssey of color vibration that the Tibetan sand mandalas are well known for. It is the use of textural patterning, repeating design features and the symbolic use of these colors rendering each glyph that brings such a vivid and mesmerizing look and feel to these incredibly beautiful works of sacred art.


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