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The Natural Mandala Tour - A Beacon for the Natural World

My work with The Natural Mandala continues with the completion of this first mandala in March 2008, then began its tour in April 2008, and is currently in full exhibition mode. This “traveling exhibit” aspect is the main thrust for this non-commissioned work of art touring to many different venues throughout Ohio, Indiana and the entire Tri-State area. Its goal is to travel to as many venues as possible; spiraling out from its place of creation in Harrison, Ohio to a wide variety of venues. Itis anticipated that The Natural Mandala may soon travel well beyond this region to express its purpose to many diverse groups of people. The hope and need for this diversity of peoples and venues is to disseminate information about this multifaceted and multilayered form of art and about the inspired mission to which The Natural Mandala is singularly devoted.

As a traveling fine art exhibition, The Natural Mandala has already touched the heartsof many who have sat before it, each with their own story, telling of their relationship with the natural world. Many speak of this arrangement of the organic forms that are displayed within the work, how they elicit memories from childhood while others find intriguing patterns, matrixes and iconic symbols within this small slice of nature’s realm. For many, it has become an icon for nature’s preservation and conservation by returning awareness and focus back to the natural world; its fecundity and multiplicity, its beauty and intelligence, its complexity and order, its language and architecture, its meaning and mystery, and its full breadth of grandeur from the aged redwood tree down to the microscopic detail of its seed.

The Natural Mandala illustrates the potential that this form of art can become and specifically for those interested in working with the mandala form rendered with organic material. It is the example by which future commissioned works can be gauged. Commissions for these works come from a variety of sources; from corporations, retreat centers and lodges, educational campuses and schools, churches, spiritual learning centers, spas and holistic healing practices to hospitals and clinics that wish to provide a unique focal point in a sacred space for those seeking consolation, soul searching and relief from grieving. They are also conducive for hotels and businesses large and small, as well as many other public facilities, conservancy agencies, wildlife and nature preserves and any forum wanting to promote the richness, goodness and values of nature’s bounty. For those smaller spaces that cannot accommodate an actual commissioned work, archival gallery quality fine art prints are available to meet the need of those that wish to create a sacred space for meditation within their home or office.

The Natural Mandala Tour provides a unique perspective on using fine art as a vehiclefor meditation, teaching that meditation with The Natural Mandala can help to realignour connection and rapport that may have been lost, and teach us once again that there are aspects of the natural world that we are supposed to understand and assimilate into our values and practice of living within this world. Having been created in a mindful space of meditation, it serves as a mechanism for healing and transcendence by leading the user through inner awareness, centeredness and toward a greater understanding of the Consciousness of All That Is, Master Creator.

The Natural Mandala Tour seeks to reach out to those who might not otherwise get to see art in museums or galleries. By making this “art” more accessible, it can speak its silent language as a beacon for drawing out our native spirit. If you are interested in hosting The Natural Mandala Exhibit in your facility, or if you know of someone that might be, please contact me at:

The Natural Mandala is a metaphor for man’s connection with nature, his own re-connection with his inner being, his place within nature and his constant pursuit to understand his world and All That Is. Its aim is to become the beginning dialogue, to answer the call of man’s struggle to grasp the ineffable qualities of nature and to piece together the superconsciousness of the innate divine that is paramount to his existence.

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