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Sara Pearce Reviews The Natural Mandala

I want to thank Sara Pearce for her kind words and for having represented my work on her blog and in the Cincinnati Enquirer. To have someone of her calibre offer this quality of affirmation for The Natural Mandala is truly a gift. Thank you, Ms. Pearce.

All photography below of The Natural Mandala is by Sara Pearce.

Sara Pearce is an award-winning editor and reporter who has worked on a variety of beats at a half dozen newspapers from USA Today to the Orlando Sentinel. She was the Enquirer's Visual Arts reporter during 2005 and most of '06 - and now has returned to the beat. E-mail her your art news, announcements, gossip, rants and raves - and add your voice to the conversation by commenting on postings. As Sara says "My blog is your blog." Email:

April 21, 2008
Art Is Where You Find It: Harrison Library

I intended to visit Manifest and the Carnegie Saturday since I couldn't attend their Friday openings and hadn't had a chance to preview the shows. But before doing that, I opted for Findlay Market and then to the public library branch in Harrison. The library had sent me intriguing close-ups of a piece called "The Natural Mandala" and I wanted to see the entire thing. It being Earth Week and all. So, off I went.

As you can tell from the details above, the mandala is a fascintaing and intricate piece made with leaves, seeds, pods, bark, moss and much more that artist Rex Oxley has almost turned into a mini-industry. He's offering giclee prints, note cards, a color-by-hand poster, and a book about the making and meaning of it. His enterpeneurial zeal is admirable.